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The photographer, John Rogers Group, John Rogers, The Photograph

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To surround oneself with works of beauty is to feed and nourish the soul. (Vincent Price, paraphrased)

A Rogers Group

How young and unassuming
They waited in the street
With babies in their arms
And baggage at their feet.

A trolley car they hailed
Went by with clanging gong
Before they guessed the corner
They waited on was wrong.

And no one told them so
By way of traveler's aid,
No one was so far touched
By the Rogers Group they made.
    ***Robert Frost***

           K&G Enterprises’ collectibles activity primarily consists of the buying, restoring, brokering, and selling of Victorian plaster statuary  by the19th century American sculptor, John Rogers (1829-1904).

Doing Business.  If you happen to have a Rogers Group or other plaster statuary like a Hennecke,  West, etc. you wish to sell or have repaired, whose sale you wish us to broker, or if there is a group you wish to procure, K&G Enterprises is prepared to assist you in such matters as best it can with quality groups and service.  E-mail us at K&G Enterprises or highlight and paste into your email if the K&G Enterprises link gives you problems or write K&G Enterprises, p.o.b. 889, Cullowhee, NC  28723 for answers to your inquiries.  PLEASE NOTE that you may also contact K&G Enterprises electronically by  highlighting and pasting into your email account for transmission or clicking on this K&G Enterprises (Yahoo) link.

See our links to About John Rogers (This page provides a synopsis about the sculptor and his work.), Recognizing Rogers Groups (Rogers Groups come in different sizes and over time may have been subjected to a lot of questionable treatment.  This page is intended to assist the viewer identifying what he or she may have or may have come across.), Selected Restorations (This page exhibits some of the past restoration work done by K&G Enterprises), Internet Auctions (This link takes the viewer to a page that identifies items that are currently being auctioned on eBay from this website.), Current Inventory (This page provides a listing of Rogers' Groups and other collectibles/statuary currently in our inventory K&G Enterprises has available for sale.), Groups Listing (This page provides a listing of extant Rogers Groups that John Rogers marketed to the general public during his career with images of these groups, most of which are from examples that we have had in inventory at one time or another.),  and our newest page, Rogers Groups in Bronze (This page displays some perfectly magnificent and outstanding contemporary replications of some well-known and popular John Rogers Groups.). 

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